ArangoDB v3.10 reached End of Life (EOL) and is no longer supported.

This documentation is outdated. Please see the most recent stable version.

Credits & Usage in ArangoGraph

Credits give you access to a flexible prepaid model, so you can allocate them across multiple deployments as needed

Credits are only available if your organization has signed up for ArangoGraph’s Committed package.

The ArangoGraph credit model is a versatile prepaid model that allows you to purchase credits and use them in a flexible way, based on what you have running in ArangoGraph.

Instead of purchasing a particular deployment for a year, you can purchase a number of ArangoGraph credits that expire a year after purchase. These credits are then consumed over that time period, based on the deployments you run in ArangoGraph.

For example, a OneShard (three nodes) A64 deployment consumes more credits per hour than a smaller deployment such as A8. If you are running multiple deployments, like pre-production environments or for different use-cases, these would each consume from the same credit balance. However, if you are not running any deployments and do not have any backup storage, then none of your credits will be consumed.

To purchase credits for your organization, you need to get in touch with the ArangoDB team. Contact us  for more details.

There are a number of benefits that ArangoGraph credits provide:

  • Adaptability: The pre-paid credit model allows you to adapt your usage to changing project requirements or fluctuating workloads. By enabling the use of credits for various instance types and sizes, you can easily adjust your resource allocation.
  • Efficient handling of resources: With the ability to purchase credits in advance, you can better align your needs in terms of resources and costs. You can purchase credits in bulk and then allocate them as needed.
  • Workload Optimization: By having a clear view of credit consumption and remaining balance, you can identify inefficiencies to further optimize your infrastructure, resulting in cost savings and better performance.

How to view the credit usage

  1. In the main navigation, click the Organization icon.
  2. Click Credits & Usage in the Organization section.
  3. In the Credits & Usage page, you can:
    • See the remaining credit balance.
    • Track your total credit balance.
    • See a projection of when you will run out of credits, based on the last 30 days of usage.
    • Get a detailed consumption report in PDF format that shows:
      • The number of credits you had at the start of the month.
      • The number of credits consumed in the month.
      • The number of credits remaining.
      • The number of credits consumed for each deployment.

ArangoGraph Credits and Usage


Are there any configuration constraints for using the credits?

No. Credits are designed to be used completely flexibly. You can use all of your credits for multiple small deployments (i.e. A8s) or you can use them for a single large deployment (i.e. A256), or even multiple large deployments, as long as you have enough credits remaining.

What is the flexibility of moving up or down in configuration size of the infrastructure?

You can move up sizes in configuration at any point by editing your deployment within ArangoGraph, once every 6 hours to allow for in-place disk expansion.

Is there a limit to how many deployments I can use my credits on?

There is no specific limit to the number of deployments you can use your credits on. The credit model is designed to provide you with the flexibility to allocate credits across multiple deployments as needed. This enables you to effectively manage and distribute your resources according to your specific requirements and priorities. However, it is essential to monitor your credit consumption to ensure that you have sufficient credits to cover your deployments.

Do the credits I purchase expire?

Yes, credits expire 1 year after purchase. You should ensure that you consume all of these credits within the year.

Can I make multiple purchases of credits within a year?

As an organization’s usage of ArangoGraph grows, particularly in the initial phases of application development and early production release, it is common to purchase a smaller credit package that is later supplemented by a larger credit package part-way through the initial credit expiry term. In this case, all sets of credits will be available for ArangoGraph consumption as a single credit balance. The credits with the earlier expiry date are consumed first to avoid credit expiry where possible.

Can I purchase a specific number of credits (i.e. 3361, 4185)?

ArangoGraph offers a variety of predefined credit packages designed to accommodate different needs and stages of the application lifecycle. For any credit purchasing needs, please contact us  and we are happy to help find an appropriate package for you.

How quickly will the credits I purchase be consumed?

The rate at which your purchased credits will be consumed depends on several factors, including the type and size of instances you deploy, the amount of resources used, and the duration of usage. Each machine size has an hourly credit consumption rate, and the overall rate of credit consumption will increase for larger sizes or for more machines/deployments. Credits will also be consumed for any variable usage charges such as outbound network traffic and backup storage.

How can I see how many credits I have remaining?

All details about credits, including how many credits have been purchased, how many remain, and how they are being consumed are available in the Credits & Usage page within the ArangoGraph web interface.

I have a large sharded deployment, how do I know how many credits it will consume?

If you are using credits, then you will be able to see how many credits your configured deployment will consume when creating or editing a deployment.

You can download a detailed consumption report in the Credits & Usage section. It shows you the number of credits consumed by any deployment you are creating or editing.

All users can see the credit price of each node size in the Pricing section.

What happens if I run out of credits?

If you run out of credits, your access to ArangoGraph’s services and resources will be temporarily suspended until you purchase additional credits.

Can I buy credits for a short time period (e.g. 2 months)?

No, you cannot but credits with an expiry of less than 12 months. If you require credits for a shorter time frame, such as 2 months, you can still purchase one of the standard credit packages and consume the credits as needed during that time. You may opt for a smaller credit package that aligns with your expected usage during the desired period, rather than the full year’s expected usage. Although the credits will have a longer expiration period, this allows you to have the flexibility of utilizing the remaining credits for any future needs.