How to execute AQL queries

AQL queries can be invoked in the following ways:

  • Via the web interface
  • Using the db object of the JavaScript API, for example, in arangosh or in a Foxx service
  • Via the raw REST HTTP API

There are always calls to the server’s HTTP API under the hood, but the web interface and the db object abstract away the low-level communication details and are thus easier to use.

The ArangoDB web interface has a specific section for QUERIES.

You can run AQL queries from the ArangoDB Shell with the db._query() and db._createStatement() methods of the db object. This chapter also describes how to use bind parameters, statistics, counting, and cursors with arangosh.

If you use Foxx microservices, see how to write database queries for examples including tagged template strings.

If you want to run AQL queries from your application via the HTTP REST API, see the full API description at HTTP interface for AQL queries.