Executing AQL queries in the ArangoDB web interface

You can run ad-hoc AQL queries using the query editor in the web interface

In the QUERIES section of the web interface, type in a query in the main box and execute it by clicking the Execute button. The query result is displayed below the editor.

The editor provides a few example queries that you can use as templates. It also provides a feature to explain a query and inspect its execution plan by clicking the Explain button.

Bind parameters can be defined in the right-hand side pane. The format is the same as used for bind parameters in the HTTP REST API and in (JavaScript) application code.

Here is an example:

FOR doc IN @@collection
  FILTER CONTAINS(LOWER(doc.author), @search, false)
  RETURN { "name": doc.name, "descr": doc.description, "author": doc.author }

Bind parameters (table view mode):


Bind parameters (JSON view mode):

    "@collection": "_apps",
    "search": "arango"

How bind parameters work can be found in AQL Fundamentals.

Queries can also be saved in the AQL editor along with their bind parameter values for later reuse. This data is stored in the user profile in the current database (in the _users system collection).

Also see the detailed description of the Web Interface.