Projects in ArangoGraph

How to manage projects and IP allowlists in ArangoGraph

Below organizations in the ArangoGraph deployment hierarchy are projects. They can represent organizational units such as teams, product groups, environments (e.g. staging vs. production). You can have any number of projects under one organization.

Organizations → Projects → Deployments

Projects are a container for related deployments, certificates & IP allowlists. Projects also come with their own policy for access control. You can have any number of deployment under one project.

In essence, you can create whatever structure fits you for a given organization, its projects and deployments.

ArangoGraph Projects Overview

How to create a new project

  1. In the main navigation, click the Dashboard icon.
  2. Click Projects in the Dashboard section.
  3. Click the New project button.
  4. Enter a name and optionally a description for your new project.
  5. Click the Create button.
  6. You will be taken to the project page.
  7. To change the name or description, click either at the top of the page.

ArangoGraph New Project

ArangoGraph Project Summary

Projects contain exactly one policy. Within that policy, you can define role bindings to regulate access control on a project level.

How to create a new deployment

See Deployments: How to create a new deployment

How to delete a project

Deleting a project will delete contained deployments, certificates & IP allowlists. This operation is irreversible.
  1. Click Projects in the Dashboard section of the main navigation.
  2. Click the recycle bin icon in the Actions column of the project to be deleted.
  3. Enter Delete! to confirm and click Yes.
If the project has a locked deployment, you need to unlock it first to be able to delete the project.

How to manage IP allowlists

IP allowlists let you limit access to your deployment to certain IP ranges. It is optional, but strongly recommended to do so.

You can create an allowlist as part of a project.

  1. Click a project name in the Projects section of the main navigation.
  2. Click the Security entry.
  3. In the IP allowlists section, click:
    • The New IP allowlist button to create a new allowlist. When creating or editing a list, you can add comments in the Allowed CIDR ranges (1 per line) section. Everything after // or # is considered a comment until the end of the line.
    • A name or the eye icon in the Actions column to view the allowlist.
    • The pencil icon to edit the allowlist. You can also view the allowlist and click the Edit button.
    • The recycle bin icon to delete the allowlist.

How to manage role bindings