Programs & Tools

The full ArangoDB package ships with the following programs and tools:

Executable nameBrief description
arangodArangoDB server. This server program is intended to run as a daemon process / service to serve the various client connections to the server via TCP / HTTP. It also provides a web interface.
arangoshArangoDB shell. A client that implements a read-eval-print loop (REPL) and provides functions to access and administrate the ArangoDB server.
arangodbArangoDB Starter for easy deployment of ArangoDB instances.
arangodumpTool to create backups of an ArangoDB database.
arangorestoreTool to load backups back into an ArangoDB database.
arangobackupTool to perform hot backup operations on an ArangoDB installation.
arangoimportBulk importer for the ArangoDB server. It supports JSON and CSV.
arangoexportBulk exporter for the ArangoDB server. It supports JSON, CSV and XML.
arangobenchBenchmark and test tool. It can be used for performance and server function testing.
arangovpackUtility to validate and convert VelocyPack and JSON data.
arangoinspectInspection tool that gathers server setup information.

The client package comes with a subset of programs and tools:

  • arangosh
  • arangoimport
  • arangoexport
  • arangodump
  • arangorestore
  • arangobackup
  • arangobench
  • arangoinspect
  • arangovpack

Additional tools which are available separately:

NameBrief description
Foxx CLICommand line tool for managing and developing Foxx services
kube-arangodbOperators to manage Kubernetes deployments
OasisctlCommand-line tool for managing the ArangoGraph Insights Platform