arangobackup client tool

arangobackup is a command-line client tool to create global hot backups of ArangoDB deployments

ArangoDB Enterprise Edition

In the Community Edition, use arangodump and arangorestore for logical backups.

arangobackup creates instantaneous and consistent hot backups of the data and structures stored in ArangoDB.

Hot backups rely on hard link magic performed on the database’s persistence layer.

arangobackup can be used for all ArangoDB deployment modes (Single Instance, Active Failover, Cluster). It always creates what is most readily described as a persistence layer consistent snapshot of the entire instance. Therefore, no such thing as database or collection level hot backup exists. Consequently, unlike with arangodump/arangorestore, one may only restore a hot backup set to the same layout, for example one can only restore a single server hot backup to a single server instance and a 3 DB-Server cluster’s hot backup to a 3 DB-Server instance.

Snapshots can be uploaded to or downloaded from remote repositories.

Please review the requirements and limitations of hot backups, specifically regarding storage engine, deployment, scope and storage space.