The view object of the JavaScript API

View objects represent ArangoSearch Views and provide access to information and methods for executing View-related operations

The JavaScript API returns view objects when you use the following methods of the db object from the @arangodb module:

  • db._createView(...)
  • db._views()
  • db._view(...)
Square brackets in function signatures denote optional arguments.


Returns the name of the View.


Get View name:

var view = db._view("demoView");;
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Returns the type of the View.


Get View type:

var view = db._view("demoView");
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Returns the properties of the View. The format of the result is specific to each of the supported View Types.


Get View properties:

var view = db._view("demoView");;
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Modifies the properties of the view. The format of the result is specific to each of the supported View Types.

partialUpdate is an optional Boolean parameter (true by default) that determines how the new-properties object is merged with current View properties (adds or updates new-properties properties to current if true replaces all properties if false).

For the available properties of the supported View types, see:


Modify arangosearch View properties:

var view = db._view("example");;

// set cleanupIntervalStep to 12{cleanupIntervalStep: 12});

// add a link{links: {demo: {}}})

// remove a link{links: {demo: null}})
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Add and remove inverted indexes from a search-alias View:

var view = db._view("example");;{ indexes: [
  { collection: "coll", index: "inv1", operation: "del" },
  { collection: "coll", index: "inv3" }
] });
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Renames a view using the new-name. The new-name must not already be used by a different view or collection in the same database. new-name must also be a valid view name. For information about the naming constraints for Views, see View names.

If renaming fails for any reason, an error is thrown.

The rename method is not available in clusters.


var view = db._createView("example", "arangosearch");;
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Drops a View and all its data.


Drop a View:

var view = db._createView("example", "arangosearch");
// or
var view = db._view("example");