The @arangodb/analyzers module of the JavaScript API

The analyzers module provides a JavaScript interface for managing ArangoSearch Analyzers

The JavaScript API can be accessed via the @arangodb/analyzers module from both server-side and client-side code (arangosh, Foxx):

var analyzers = require("@arangodb/analyzers");

See Analyzers for general information and details about the attributes.

Analyzer Module Methods

Create an Analyzer

var analyzer =<name>, <type>[, <properties>[, <features>]])

Create a new Analyzer with custom configuration in the current database.

  • name (string): name for identifying the Analyzer later
  • type (string): the kind of Analyzer to create
  • properties (object, optional): settings specific to the chosen type. Most types require at least one property, so this may not be optional
  • features (array, optional): array of strings with names of the features to enable
  • returns analyzer (object): Analyzer object, also if an Analyzer with the same settings exists already. An error is raised if the settings mismatch or if they are invalid
var analyzers = require("@arangodb/analyzers");"csv", "delimiter", { "delimiter": "," }, ["frequency", "norm", "position"]);
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Get an Analyzer

var analyzer = analyzers.analyzer(<name>)

Get an Analyzer by the name, stored in the current database. The name can be prefixed with _system:: to access Analyzers stored in the _system database.

  • name (string): name of the Analyzer to find
  • returns analyzer (object|null): Analyzer object if found, else null
var analyzers = require("@arangodb/analyzers");
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List all Analyzers

var analyzerArray = analyzers.toArray()

List all Analyzers available in the current database.

  • returns analyzerArray (array): array of Analyzer objects
var analyzers = require("@arangodb/analyzers");
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Remove an Analyzer

analyzers.remove(<name> [, <force>])

Delete an Analyzer from the current database.

  • name (string): name of the Analyzer to remove
  • force (bool, optional): remove Analyzer even if in use by a View. Default: false
  • returns nothing: no return value on success, otherwise an error is raised
var analyzers = require("@arangodb/analyzers");
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Analyzer Object Methods

Individual Analyzer objects expose getter accessors for the aforementioned definition attributes (see Create an Analyzer).

Get Analyzer Name

var name =
  • returns name (string): name of the Analyzer
var analyzers = require("@arangodb/analyzers");

Get Analyzer Type

var type = analyzer.type()
  • returns type (string): type of the Analyzer
var analyzers = require("@arangodb/analyzers");

Get Analyzer Properties

var properties =
  • returns properties (object): type dependent properties of the Analyzer
var analyzers = require("@arangodb/analyzers");
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Get Analyzer Features

var features = analyzer.features()
  • returns features (array): array of strings with the features of the Analyzer
var analyzers = require("@arangodb/analyzers");
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