Installing ArangoDB on macOS

You can use ArangoDB on macOS with Docker images and run the client tools using tar.gz archives.

Starting from version 3.10.0, ArangoDB has native support for the ARM architecture and can run on Apple silicon (e.g. M1 chips).
Running production environments on macOS is not supported.
Starting from version 3.11.0, ArangoDB Server binaries for macOS are not provided anymore.


The recommended way of using ArangoDB on macOS is to use the ArangoDB Docker images  with, for instance, Docker Desktop .

See the documentation on Docker Hub , as well as the Deploy section about different deployment modes and methods including Docker containers.

Installing the client tools using the archive

  1. Visit the official Download  page of the ArangoDB website and download the client tools tar.gz archive for macOS.

  2. You may verify the download by comparing the SHA256 hash listed on the website to the hash of the file. For example, you can you run openssl sha256 <filename> or shasum -a 256 <filename> in a terminal.

  3. Extract the archive by double-clicking the file.