ArangoGraph Insights Platform

The ArangoGraph Insights Platform provides the entire functionality of ArangoDB as a service, without the need to run or manage databases yourself

The ArangoGraph Insights Platform , formerly called Oasis, provides ArangoDB databases as a Service (DBaaS). It enables you to use the entire functionality of an ArangoDB cluster deployment without the need to run or manage the system yourself.

The ArangoGraph Insights Platform…

  • runs your databases in data centers of the cloud provider of your choice: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure. This optimizes performance and reduces cost.

  • ensures that your databases are always available and healthy by monitoring them 24/7.

  • ensures that your databases are kept up to date by installing new versions without service interruption.

  • ensures that your data is safe by providing encryption & audit logs and making frequent data backups.

  • guarantees that your data always remains your property and access to it is protected with industry standard safeguards.

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For quick start guide, see Use ArangoDB in the Cloud.