JavaScript Interface to Views

This is an introduction to ArangoDB's interface for views and how to handle views from the JavaScript shell arangosh. For other languages see the corresponding language API.

Address of a View

Like collections, views are accessed by the user via their unique name and internally via their identifier. Using the identifier for accessing views is discouraged. Views share their namespace with collections, so there cannot exist a view and a collection with the same name in the same database.


Here follow some basic usage examples. More details can be found in the following chapters:

Create a view with default properties:

arangosh> view = db._createView("myView", "arangosearch", {});
[ArangoView 132915, "myView" (type arangosearch)]

Get this view again later by name:

arangosh> view = db._view("myView");
[ArangoView 132915, "myView" (type arangosearch)]

Get the view properties:

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Set a view property:

arangosh>{cleanupIntervalStep: 12});
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Add a link:

arangosh>{links: {colA: {includeAllFields: true}}});
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Add another link:

arangosh>{links: {colB: {fields: {text: {}}}}});
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Remove the first link again:

arangosh>{links: {colA: null}});
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Drop the view:

arangosh> db._dropView("myView");