Using the ArangoDB Starter

This section describes how to start an ArangoDB stand-alone instance using the tool Starter (the arangodb binary program).

Local Start

If you want to start a stand-alone instance of ArangoDB, use the --starter.mode=single option of the Starter:

arangodb --starter.mode=single

Using the ArangoDB Starter in Docker

The Starter can also be used to launch a stand-alone instance based on Docker containers:

export IP=<IP of docker host>
docker volume create arangodb
docker run -it --name=adb --rm -p 8528:8528 \
    -v arangodb:/data \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    arangodb/arangodb-starter \
    --starter.address=$IP \

If you use an ArangoDB version of 3.4 or above and use the Enterprise Edition Docker image, you have to set the license key in an environment variable by adding this option to the above docker command:

    -e ARANGO_LICENSE_KEY=<thekey>

You can get a free evaluation license key by visiting

Then replace <thekey> above with the actual license key. The start will then hand on the license key to the Docker container it launches for ArangoDB.