Installing ArangoDB on macOS

ArangoDB under macOS can be installed via:

  1. Homebrew
  2. DMG Package
  3. tar.gz Archive (starting from v3.4.0)


When installing ArangoDB via the macOS package manager Homebrew, only the Community Edition is available.

The Homebrew installation is updated a few days after the official release of a new version.

If you are using homebrew, then you can install the latest released stable version of ArangoDB using brew as follows:

brew install arangodb

This will install the current stable version of ArangoDB and all dependencies within your Homebrew tree. Note that the server will be installed as:


You can start the server by running the command /usr/local/Cellar/arangodb/3.4.0/sbin/arangod &.

Configuration file is located at


The ArangoDB shell will be installed as:


You can uninstall ArangoDB using:

brew uninstall arangodb

However, in case you started ArangoDB using the launchctl, you need to unload it before uninstalling the server:

launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.arangodb.plist

Then remove the LaunchAgent:

rm ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.arangodb.plist

If the latest ArangoDB version is not shown in Homebrew, you also need to update Homebrew executing the command brew update.

Known issues

  • The ArangoDB Starter is not included in v3.4.0. This issue will be fixed in a later 3.4.x version.
  • The Commandline argument parsing does not accept blanks in filenames; the CLI version below does.
  • If you need to change server endpoint while starting homebrew version, you can edit arangod.conf file and uncomment line with endpoint needed, e.g.:

    endpoint = tcp://

Package Installation

Visit the official Download page of the ArangoDB website and download the DMG Package for macOS.

Graphical App

We provide a graphical app. You can install the application ArangoDB in your application folder.

Command line App

We provide a command-line app. You can install the application ArangoDB-CLI in your application folder.

Starting the application will start the server and open a terminal window showing you the log-file.

ArangoDB server has been started

The database directory is located at

The log file is located at

You can access the server using a browser at ''
or start the ArangoDB shell

Switching to log-file now, killing this windows will NOT stop the server.

2018-03-16T09:37:01Z [13373] INFO ArangoDB (version 3.3.4 [darwin]) is ready for business. Have fun!

Note that it is possible to install both, the homebrew version and the command-line app. You should, however, edit the configuration files of one version and change the port used.

Installing using the archive

Starting from v3.4.0 a tar.gz package is also available for macOS.

Visit the official Download page of the ArangoDB website and download the tar.gz archive for macOS.

To install, just extract the archive.