Arangobench Startup Options

Usage: arangobench [<options>]

Global Options

asyncboolean Send asynchronous requests.
Default: false
batch-sizeuint64 Number of operations in one batch (0 disables batching).
Default: 0
collectionstring Collection name to use in tests (if they involve collections).
Default: "ArangoBenchmark"
complexityuint64 Complexity parameter for the test (meaning depends on test case).
Default: 1
concurrencyuint64 Number of parallel threads and connections.
Default: 1
configurationstring The configuration file or 'none'.
Default: ""
delayboolean Use a startup delay (necessary only when run in series).
Default: false
junit-report-filestring Filename to write junit style report to.
Default: ""
keep-aliveboolean Use HTTP keep-alive.
Default: true
number-of-shardsuint64 Number of shards of created collections (cluster only).
Default: 1
progressboolean Log intermediate progress.
Default: true
quietboolean Suppress status messages.
Default: false
replication-factoruint64 Replication factor of created collections (cluster only).
Default: 1
requestsuint64 Total number of operations.
Default: 1000
runsuint64 Run test n times (and calculate statistics based on median).
Default: 1
test-casestring Test case to use.
Default: "version"
Possible values:
  • "aqlinsert"
  • "aqltrx"
  • "aqlv8"
  • "collection"
  • "counttrx"
  • "crud"
  • "crud-append"
  • "crud-write-read"
  • "document"
  • "edge"
  • "hash"
  • "import-document"
  • "multi-collection"
  • "multitrx"
  • "random-shapes"
  • "shapes"
  • "shapes-append"
  • "skiplist"
  • "stream-cursor"
  • "version"
verboseboolean Print out replies if the HTTP header indicates DB errors.
Default: false
versionboolean Reports the version and exits.
Default: false
wait-for-syncboolean Use waitForSync for created collections.
Default: false

Log Options

log.colorboolean Use colors for TTY logging.
Default: true
log.escapeboolean Escape characters when logging.
Default: true
log.levelstring... The global or topic-specific log level.
Default: ["info"]
log.outputstring... Log destination(s).
Default: []
log.roleboolean Log server role.
Default: false
log.use-local-timeboolean Use local timezone instead of UTC.
Default: false
log.use-microtimeboolean Use microtime instead.
Default: false

Server Options

server.authenticationboolean Require authentication credentials when connecting (does not affect the server-side authentication settings).
Default: false
server.connection-timeoutdouble Connection timeout in seconds.
Default: 5
server.databasestring Database name to use when connecting.
Default: "_system"
server.endpointstring Endpoint to connect to, use 'none' to start without a server.
Default: "http+tcp://"
server.passwordstring Password to use when connecting. If not specified and authentication is required, the user will be prompted for a password.
Default: ""
server.request-timeoutdouble Request timeout in seconds.
Default: 1200
server.usernamestring Username to use when connecting.
Default: "root"

Ssl Options

ssl.protocoluint64 Ssl protocol (1 = SSLv2, 2 = SSLv2 or SSLv3 (negotiated), 3 = SSLv3, 4 = TLSv1, 5 = TLSv1.2).
Default: 5
Possible values:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Temp Options

temp.pathstring Path for temporary files.
Default: ""


Test cases

Value Description
aqlinsert Insert documents via AQL
aqltrx AQL Transactions with deep nested AQL FOR - loops
aqlv8 Execute AQL with V8 functions to insert random documents
collection Creates collections
counttrx Uses JS transactions to count the documents and insert the result again
crud Create/Read/Update/Delete
crud-append Create/Read/Update/Read again
crud-write-read Create/Read Documents
document Creates documents
edge Create/Read/Update edge documents
hash Create/Read/Update/Read documents indexed by a hash index
import-document Creates documents via the import API
multi-collection Multiple transactions combining reads & writes from js on multiple collections
multitrx Multiple transactions combining reads & writes from js
random-shapes Create/Read/Delete heterogeneous documents with random values
shapes Create & Delete documents with heterogeneous attribute names
shapes-append Create documents with heterogeneous attribute names
skiplist Create/Read/Update/Read documents indexed by a skiplist
stream-cursor Create documents and retrieve them in a streaming fashion
version Requests /_api/version